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About Los Angeles Movers 

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Los Angeles Movers has a goal to make the relocation of customers belongings fast and reliable. We are a fully bonded and insured company. Our company works hard to maintain excellent reputation in the industry. Our professional movers are trained to work efficiently and safe to provide our customers with unparallel level of customer service.

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Los Angeles Movers 


Q-1. What definitions are used in the moving contract and what do they mean?
Q-2. What is the difference (financially) between full service movers or "do it yourself"? (local move)
Q-3. What is the financial difference between "do it yourself" or a full service mover? (long distance)
Q-4. What is the best way to pack boxes? PACKING
Q-5. Is there anything that I can not load into my shipment? HAZARDOUS ITEMS
Q-6. What is the best way to prepare for the move day? PREPARATION
Q-7. What is the process of finding a best moving company? FINDING A MOVER
Q-8. Will movers protect my house as well as my belongings? MOVERS SAFETY MEASURES
Q-9. How do I prepare my pets for my move? MY PETS
Q.-10 What do I need to do to prepare appliances? APPLIANCES
Q-11. What is the movers liability over my goods? LIABILITY
Q-12. What type of insurance protection is available to me? INSURANCE
Q-13. What kind of protection movers offer (insurance or otherwise)?
Q.-14 How do I schedule a move? SCHEDULING A MOVE
Q-15. What kind of a guarantee I can get that mover will not overcharge me at the end? ON-SITE ESTIMATES
Q-16. If I am relocating 150 miles, which is the best tariff to use: 1) long distance(weight)or 2) local (hourly)?
Q-17. What are movers supposed to do to figure out exact size of my shipment? WEIGHING SHIPMENT
Q-18. What do long distance calculation cost look lite?
Q-19. How do you calculate costs of local services?
Q-20. What kind of items require crating? and what type of crating is there? CRATING