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Q-1. What definitions are used in the moving contract and what do they mean?
Q-2. What is the difference (financially) between full service movers or "do it yourself"? (local move)
Q-3. What is the financial difference between "do it yourself" or a full service mover? (long distance)
Q-4. What is the best way to pack boxes? PACKING
Q-5. Is there anything that I can not load into my shipment? HAZARDOUS ITEMS
Q-6. What is the best way to prepare for the move day? PREPARATION
Q-7. What is the process of finding a best moving company? FINDING A MOVER
Q-8. Will movers protect my house as well as my belongings? MOVERS SAFETY MEASURES
Q-9. How do I prepare my pets for my move? MY PETS
Q.-10 What do I need to do to prepare appliances? APPLIANCES
Q-11. What is the movers liability over my goods? LIABILITY
Q-12. What type of insurance protection is available to me? INSURANCE
Q-13. What kind of protection movers offer (insurance or otherwise)?
Q.-14 How do I schedule a move? SCHEDULING A MOVE
Q-15. What kind of a guarantee I can get that mover will not overcharge me at the end? ON-SITE ESTIMATES
Q-16. If I am relocating 150 miles, which is the best tariff to use: 1) long distance(weight)or 2) local (hourly)?
Q-17. What are movers supposed to do to figure out exact size of my shipment? WEIGHING SHIPMENT
Q-18. What do long distance calculation cost look lite?
Q-19. How do you calculate costs of local services?
Q-20. What kind of items require crating? and what type of crating is there? CRATING