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Q-21. How do I make a payment for my local move? PAYMENT OPTIONS
Q-22. How do I make a payment for a long distance move? PAYMENT FOR LONG DISTANCE MOVE
Q-23. How do I make sure all of my shipment is delivered and check items' condition? INVENTORY FORMS
Q-24. What happens if a mover misplaces or damages some of my goods? CHECKING SHIPMENT FOR DAMAGES
Q-25. How do I file a claim? CLAIMS
Q-26. What happens if I am not ready to receive my shipment?
Q-27. What size storage do I need to get for my residence?
Q.-28 What if my residence has no access for regular size moving trucks? SHUTTLE
Q.-29 Can you deliver a bulky item if it doesn't fit through doorway? HOISTING
Q.-30 What kind of moving supplies are available for my move? BOXES AND SUPPLIES