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Simple advice to help you settle in to your new community – 

Settling in to your new home may not prove to be as difficult as community houses
settling in to your new community. You can quickly make your 
new place feel like home by simply unpacking your belongings, 
family photos, and arranging things to your specific liking. 
However, settling in to a new community may not prove to be as simple. 

There are some things to do prior to your move that will assist in 
the immediate transition in to your new community. Including but 
not limited to, school selections for the little ones, day care 
services, researching local extracurricular activities for all age family members, etc. If you are in an area where
you may have a few family members or a few friends, reach out to them for advice or a simple lunch date to
find out as much information you can about things to do in your new community. All of these things can take
time, be patient when working to make your new location truly feel like home. Home is about building
relationships with neighbors, friends, co-workers, teachers, etc. 

Consider the following tips to assist you in your journey in to making your new location feel like your new home: 

Push yourself slightly beyond your typical comfort level. Force yourself each week to do something you
wouldn't normally venture in to. This may be as simple as deciding to take the kids to a park that is
maybe more crowded with children and parents, this will allow the kids to make conversation with other children
from the neighborhood and allow for you to maybe spark conversation with other neighborhood parents.

Volunteer or join a local club. Community service seems to be an excellent place to build meaningful relationships
with others. If you are volunteering, you are working with many others to achieve a common goal and this builds
a team like environment. 

Start something totally new. Always wanted to take a pottery,cooking, or spinning class? This is the time to
take that leap! Take advantage of the new possibilities that your new community has to offer. Embrace the
opportunity to do new things! You'll meet friends with common interests along the way.

Starting over in a new home and community takes patience and some dedication, however if you use some
of our helpful hints,your new location will soon start to feel like home.