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Moving Insurance and Valuation Protection



Prior to researching moving insurance companies, call your homeowners insurance and find out what type of moving protection is covered under your existing policy, and what options may be available to you and at what cost.

If you don't have homeowner's insurance or it doesn't cover moving you can research your options, starting by checking with your state's Department of Insurance. DOI will provide you all insurance companies that offer moving insurance in your state and their reputation, financial strength and claim settlement practices.

Select at least two reputable Insurance Companies and get quotes for the same type of policy you think you may need.

  • Find out their claims process.
  • Minimum and Maximum policies available.
  • Deductible levels available to you.And premium costs for similar policies.
  • Find out what is and is not covered under those policies.
  • What type of limitations do you have.
  • Do they offer insurance for storage in transit.


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Mover's Bill of Lading has an entire section dedicated to mover's liability over the shipment and customer's options.  Customer has until the beginning of the move a decision, once decision is made the customer can not make changes to the contract. 

Here are the costs of Valuation:

Basic Valuation is      Free

Actual Cash Value -   $1.15 per $100 of insurance protection coverage.

Full (Replacement) Value has three options:

  1.      A. No Deductible - $1.60 per $100 of insurance protection coverage.
  2.      B. $250.00 Deductible - $1.30 per $100 of insurance protection coverage.
  3.      C. $500.00 Deductible - $1.10 per $100 of insurance protection coverage.

Level of mover's liability is the following: minimum of $5,000 or $5.00 per pound multiplied by actual weight of shipment, whichever is greater. 


2 Bedroom house weighs approximately $6,500 pounds. Therefore, 6,500 x $5.00 = $32,500 coverage.  Full Replacement Value with $500 deductible - 32,500 x 1.10 = $357.50 valuation payment.  If movers damage a TV set worth $1,200, the customer that purchased the coverage in the example will get one of the following:

   1. Get the TV repaired;

   2. Replace that TV with a comparable model;

   3. Or pay customer $1,200 less $500 decuctible, customer will get $700.00.

Here is the section out of mover's bill of lading contract

Valuation 001