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About Los Angeles Movers 

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Los Angeles Movers has a goal to make the relocation of customers belongings fast and reliable. We are a fully bonded and insured company. Our company works hard to maintain excellent reputation in the industry. Our professional movers are trained to work efficiently and safe to provide our customers with unparallel level of customer service.

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Los Angeles Movers 

Local Moves


Local move is considered a relocation with a radius of under 100 miles from origin to destination. Los Angeles Movers provides a lot of services required for local relocation. Such services include:

  • packing boxes,
  • prepping large appliances (special service, read FAQ,Q-10),
  • disassembling and reassembling of the furniture,
  • wrapping furniture by protecting it with blankets,
  • protecting electronics by crating them in bubble, shrink wrap and custom made/oredered boxes,
  • wood crating (FAQ.Q-20) - art effects, paintings, antiques, pool tables and chandeliers,
  • loading and unloading the truck,
  • extra stops,
  • shuttle (explained FAQ. Q-28),
  • storage in transit - SIT (FAQ,Q-26,27)
  • placing items in assigned rooms,
  • hanging pictures and paintings,
  • trash removal.

A lot of these services can be included or excluded from the move depending on customer's budget. If you want to do nothing just let our movers handle it for you. However, if you are on a budget, you can save a lot by packing your shipment and getting it ready to be moved.

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Los Angeles Movers are trained to handle any aspect of your move regardless of how difficult it may seem. They want to make you feel relaxed and secure while they are working their magic. Our local team of movers are available when you need them to help you. Los Angeles Movers is an easy way of dealing with your local moving needs. Our company will provide you with the best movers in town to deal with unpleasant reality of relocation.

LOCAL MOVES are charged hourly. The rates depend on the size of the team required to effiiciently complete the job. Extra costs are double drive time and materials. The reason for double drive time is for the truck to return to original location. Movers do not charge for the time it takes the truck to get to original location and back to the yard after completion of the job. The cost of mateirals is dependant on the amount of boxes needed to be packed or furniture protected from damages.

We are your local moving company with perfect reputation!

First step achieving a successful move is by providing our customers with accurate estimate. Our experienced moving specialists/estimators have state of the art software that allows them to go over your household items, and calculate correct time and cost of the moving services. Our company is working on mutually beneficial collaboration with the clients. Our specialists are excellent at anticipating our clients' needs and getting movers prepared to have necessary equipment and materials.


FAQ’s Special

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    -Our FAQs page has detailed, honest answers to all questions about moving.

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Hypothetical example of a full service move of a 3 bedroom house: full service packing and full service moving:

    In this Example we used made up rates. To get our actual rates call our specialist 323-988-4243.

  • Packing: 5 hours (3 packers - rate $1/hour) = $5.00
  • Materials: Boxes, Bubble, Shrink, Newsprint, etc. = $5.00
  • Loading: 5 hours (3 movers - rate $3/hour) = $15.00
  • Unloading: 3 hours (3 movers - rate $3/hour) = $9.00
  • Drive time: 45 minutes (40 mile drive - double drive time - 1.5 hours) = $4.50
  • Less any special discounts.
  • Grand Total = $38.50

The rates are subject to change due to different factors. Please call us now. Our specialist will be able to explain details and current rates.


Type of                              Sq.     No. of     Hours of   Hours of   Hours of     Approx.

Dwelling                             Feet    Movers   Loading    Driving      Unloading  Total Hrs.


  • Studio                               450       2             1.5           1/2          1/2             2-5
  • 1 Bedroom Apt                 700        2             2.5           1/2         1.5              3-6
  • 2 Bedroom Apt                 900        2             2.5           1/2         1.5              5-8
  • 2 Bedroom House         1,200        3             3.5           1/2          2                6-9
  • 4 Bedroom House           2,550      5             4.5           1/2          3               7-11
  • Larger                             3,000+    6+            6+           1/2+       3.5+           9-12+
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Driving calculations were made of a minimum 15 minutes (double drive time) 30 minutes. Real distance may drastically effect hours and the final cost of the move.

There are other factors that will effect the length of the move:

  • Flights of stairs,
  • Hoisting,
  • Packing/Unpacking,
  • Long walks (from truck to residence),
  • Shuttle service etc.

    LA CITY1.jpgresidential

It is essential for customer to share all information about articles required relocation, and geographical locations of both old and new residences. That way the proper equipment and the right size crew will be assigned to your job.

Please don't forget to let us know of:

  • Stair Cases?
  • Long Carries? (hallways, curb to front door)?
  • Elevators?
  • Narrow doorways, may result in hoisting?
  • Narrow, winy streets - may result in shuttle?
  • New place isn't ready for move in, need short term storage?

The sooner we know - the better we prepare - the less cost to the customer!