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About Los Angeles Movers 

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Los Angeles Movers has a goal to make the relocation of customers belongings fast and reliable. We are a fully bonded and insured company. Our company works hard to maintain excellent reputation in the industry. Our professional movers are trained to work efficiently and safe to provide our customers with unparallel level of customer service.

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Los Angeles Movers 

Long Distance Moves

Los Angeles Movers is equipped to handle relocation to any continental state in the union. We can handle ALL of our customers' needs. Some just need to move to a neighboring state, some relocate to another coast, we can also ship containers to Hawaii, Alaska, and some countries in Europe. Our drivers have delivered loads to any corner of the United States, they have all necessary equipment and they are about to provide you the best services. Los Angeles Movers is working with our partners in different states to make sure that no trailer is traveling with out a load. This allows us to keep competitive rates.

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Start your search of the right mover for your long distance move at least 4 weeks prior to your move date. This will provide you an opportunity to get estimates from 3 to 5 different companies. Compare companies' rates and their reputation. The company with best rating, while charging a most reasonable fee for those services should get your business. However we are confident we will earn your business at the end of your research.

The Long distance moves are considered the most complicated, they require a lot of consideration when choosing reliable mover.

Only with the real professionals you will be able to get your shipment

  • in time,
  • with no damages and
  • for the promised price.


We are available to help you 365 days a year, if you desire a safe and quick relocation, contact us and you will get it! We can provide you with a free on site estimate.



When customers call our office to inquire about long distance quote, our specialist will provide them with our rates (tariff). The rates (tariff) are based on the weight of shipment and distance. However, over the phone we will be unable to provide you with an exact weight of your shipment until the actual move day. Our customers are welcome to join us at a government regulated scales. We will make arrangements to meet with customer in the morning prior to loading the truck and later after its fully loaded. The difference between the two weights is the weight of customer's shipment. Our customers get copies of both certificates. In order to determine an approximate size/weight of the shipment (residence), you can use the table below.



Type of Residence

Average Weight in Pounds


1,000 to 3,000 lbs.

1 Bedroom Apartment

2,000 to 5,000 lbs.

2 Bedroom Apt. - House

4,000 to 6,000 lbs.

3 Bedroom Apt. - House

6,000 to 10,000 lbs.

4 Bedroom House

8,000 to 16,000 lbs.

5 Bedroom House

10,000 to 20,000 lbs.


Larger 15,000 lbs.+


The table provides approximate weights of residential shipments. However there are additional services that may be required by customer. Those services will be discussed with our office or our estimator. Those services are:

  • Packing & Unpacking of boxes,
  • Crating: wooden or carton, of bulky, large, valuables (electronics, TVs, crystal, musical instruments etc.),
  • Long walk to truck,
  • Extra pickups or drop offs,
  • Storage in Transit (SIT),
  • Shuttle


We would like to show you a simple calculation of long distance move, with no additional services provided.


  • Light weight of the truck: 15,100 lbs.(weighed at certified scales prior to loading).
  • Heavy weight of the truck: 24,500 lbs. (weighed after truck fully loaded).
  • Pay load: 24,500 less 15,100 = 9,400 lbs.
  • Applying tariff: $0.32/lb for distance 400-600 miles. - 9,400 x 0.32 = $3,008.00 cost of transportation.
  • Additional charges(all optional): Packing boxes, Cost of materials, Insurance policy, Shuttle, Long walk, Stairs, Storage, etc.
  • Less any promotional discounts.


The truck is weighed twice. First time empty - prior to loading at local government regulated scales. Second time - after the load was completed. Customer is welcome to be present at both weighings.

EXAMPLE of what scales receipt looks like:

 scale tick.gray1

Inventory Form - filled out during the loading process:

  1. Each item is tagged,

  2. logged in the form,

  3. it's condition is described at pickup & delivery.

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2011-12-17 11-05-30_306

Please call our specialist they will estimate the size of your move and apply proper tariff and any discounts.