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Los Angeles Movers has a goal to make the relocation of customers belongings fast and reliable. We are a fully bonded and insured company. Our company works hard to maintain excellent reputation in the industry. Our professional movers are trained to work efficiently and safe to provide our customers with unparallel level of customer service.

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Packing Materials


We are your one stop for all your moving supplies.

Our packers will bring all necessary contracts with them. However, if you want to do some packing yourself, the materials can be delivered to your residence, office or commercial facility. Our specialists will inform you of how to best pack your boxes, what materials to use for specific items.


We are a one stop for all your moving supplies.

Here is just list of most important and commonly used ones:

-- SMALL MOVING BOXES - 1.5 cubic feet,

    (20 or 25) Boxes Per Bundle - size range of (15"x 12"x 9").

Boxes file-box_15_12_10

-- FILE (BANKER) MOVING BOXES - 1.5 cubic feet,- 1.5 cubic feet,

    size range of (15" x 12" x 10").

    Great for packing files

    Great for packing books, collectibles and small/light manufactured items.

-- MEDIUM MOVING BOXES - 3.0 cubic feet,

    20 Boxes per bundle - size range of (18"x 15"x 12").

    Great for packing larger books, files, collectibles, almost all non-breakable kitchenware. Do not over pack.

-- LARGE MOVING BOXES - 4.5 cubic feet,

    15 Boxes per bundle - size (24"x 16"x 17").

    Great for shipping, storing linens, pillows, collectibles, larger plastic dishes, metal serving platters, plants, and lamps.

-- EXTRA LARGE MOVING BOXES - 5.2 cubic feet,

   10 Boxes Per Bundle (24"x 24"x 16").

    Great for shipping, storing larger household items such as comforters, blankets, clothes, lamps, pillows and any large /     lighter items - Be careful to keep the weight manageable.

Box dishpack

-- DISH PACK BOX - 6.2 cubic feet,

    5 Boxes Per Bundle (24" x 18" x 24").

    Great for shipping fragile articles: china, glasses, dishes, bottles, etc.

    Double Strength Carton. Specifically made for transportation of fragile, expansive articles.

Box Picture-Mirror_Products

-- PICTURE BOX - Larg picture box,

    4 Boxes per pack - (40" x 60" x 4") (uboxes.com has no affilications with our company, we used it just as an example of one company that provides delivery and reasonably priced).
    Excellent box for protection of wall art, mirrors and pictures.

boxes-tall LAMP

-- LAMP BOXES - Tall and short

    3 Sets of Boxes a small and a larger one - (12" x 12" x 60")

    Lamp needs to be disassembled and top and bottom packed separately.

wardrobe demo-- WARDROBE BOX - 11.00 cubic feet,

    5 Boxes Per Bundle - (20" x 20" x 48").

    Double Strength Carton. Can be used over and over again - Great for storing winter & summer clothes too! Our Heavy Duty    Boxes ensure your clothes won't sag before you do on your next move. Each Wardrobe Box comes with a sturdy metal hanger bar.

Wooden Crating


-- WOODEN CRATES - made for specific articles, our estimators will take measurements and crate will be assembles in a short amount of time.


For mor information regarding Spcial Wooden Crates for your art visit FAQ.-20



     Wooden Crate of Large Art                                       Crated and Padded Antique Chair 

crate large_art Crate antique_Furniture

pack kit_1.4_clam_tape_400_2

--  PACKING TAPE - clear tape,

6 roll bundle - Provides 650 yards of tape. Seals about 100 medium boxes. Very strong and durable product.



    Roll - (18"x 1000' long).

    Protects against scratches, dirt, dust, and holds items tight, keeps the integrity of the construction if properly wrapped. Excellent for sofas, tables, dressers, file cabinets and a lot more.

pack kit_1.3_paper


    Bundle - (30 lbs of 24"x 36") ink-less paper roll.

    Great for protection of fragile items and filling in empty space when your packing boxes.

IMG 20130403_145420_019


    Roll - (12" wide x 100')

    Excellent for moving and protecting glass and other fragile articles: electronics, expansive china, glass furniture, antiques, etc.


    Great protection from dirt, scratches, dust, and stains.

    Available for any size mattress or box spring and possibly other large items. It comes sealed on three sides - seal the top with tape.


King Mattress Cover - (78" x 8" x 90"),

Queen Mattress Cover - (60" x 8" x 90"),

Full Size Mattress Cover - (54" x 8" x 90").


Let us show you what real professional relocation should be like... all you need to do is call us today and set up a face to face meeting with one of our specialists!