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Los Angeles Movers 


To move yourself or not to move yourself?
That is the question. 

A question that plagues everyone that is in the process of a move. move yourself
This may seem like an easy decision; however there are many 
details that will go in to this decision. Begin by asking yourself, 
what is of importance of to you. Is it, time or money or maybe a 
little bit of both. If you obtain the facts and make an educated 
decision, you will be most satisfied with your answer. 
Begin by assessing how much stuff you have, this will help you 
determine what size truck you will need. What size home are you 
moving from? The following is a standard guide for truck size per 
size of home. 

26' will move 4+ bedrooms
24' will move 3-4 bedroomsmove with_professionals
17' will move 2-3 bedrooms
14' will move 1-2 bedrooms
10' will move an apartment

Next, you will need to determine how many miles you are
moving.If you are moving across town, you may want to
consider the prices for moving yourself, however for long
distance moves,hiring an outside moving company may
be most beneficial. You can use distance calculators and fuel calculators to determine what the cost will be for self-moving.Also, obtain a quote from Los Angeles City Movers and compare the cost with your calculations for self-moving.

Benefits of hiring the experts of Los Angeles City Movers: 

Excellent customer service
Stress Free Move
We provide all boxes and moving equipment 
Provide basic insurance at no extra charge to you 

Remember, when you make the decision to move yourself, include all the major and minor details that you may not recognize at first. 

Some things to remember include: 

Rental truck fees
Cost of gas per mile
Buying boxes and equipment from an outside source
Packing your own belongings
Hiring labor to move heavy furniture
Renting dolly’s and straps
Buying insurance to cover the items during the move

With the information that we have provided, we encourage you to make and educated decision
for your moving experience.Los Angeles City Movers can provide you with everything you need
to ensure you have an efficient and stress-free move.