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Moving an Aging Parentmoving an_aging_parent


Relocating an aging parent can be very stressful for both you and the parent being moved. Here are 6 things to keep in mind when a move like this is necessary:

1-      Include the parent in the decision as much, and as frequently as possible. The fact that they have to relocate their lives is hard enough on an elderly person, but doing so without having any say in the matter can make things much harder.

2-      Consider the future. What might your parents need as they continue to age? By considering these things now, you can prevent complications further down the road when new needs arise.

3-      Get a list of your parent’s wants and needs. Do your parents prefer a home with at least 2 bathrooms, or an extra bedroom for guests? Do they find it easier to walk on hardwood floors as opposed to carpets? Check for amenities such as close by parks, community centers and hospitals. Find out which things and attractions are important to your parents, and consider these when looking for a new location. This will give your parents a sense of ease and comfort when the move actually takes place.

4-      Keep pets in mind. If your parents are pet owners, be sure to find a place that accepts their pets. Moving to a new location is going to be hard enough, but moving to a new place without their beloved pets will make the move ten times more difficult. Having a pet is a great way to keep aging parents busy and active, and taking that a way could affect their health in the long run.

5-      Check with other residents of the assisted living homes that you are considering. Are they happy? Do they have any complaints? Address these things with your parents to be sure that the facility will fit your parents’ current lifestyles.

6-      Check the quality of care. Will they have nurses available to check on them frequently or when needed? Is there a center for physical therapy on the premises? Maybe your parents enjoy getting together with other residents for bingo nights or other games and community gatherings. Check to make sure everything your parents might need is readily available to them.


By keeping these suggestions in mind, the relocation of your aging parents will become less stressful for everyone involved. Avoiding bumps in the road and stress altogether is near impossible, but the easier the transition, the happier the parents!