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Moving long distance – Are you prepared?

The following checklist will provide you with the preparation information that you will need to ensure that your move gets off to a smooth start! Preparations and organization are the most important parts of your long distance move. 
Obtain all prior medical records.
Obtain referrals for new doctors from your current physicians, for your new city.  
Obtain new pharmacy information to transfer any prescriptions if necessary. 
Personal Documents 
Track down all of your important personal documents  i.e.
Auto insurance
Birth Certificates
Social Security Cards
New home paperwork
Auto registration
(You will want to carry these important documents with you during the move.) 
Six weeks prior to the move
Organize and pack your belongings.
REMEMBER to check all your storages spaces i.e., attics, basements, sheds, etc. 
Properly label all of your boxes (this makes it much easier to unpack) 
Four weeks prior to the move
Arrange to have to have your utilities turned off or transferred i.e.
Phone services
If you are renting your current residence, this is a good time to start cleaning as your continuing to pack your belongings. Making sure things are as they were when you signed your lease. 
Start eating the groceries that you have at home in the refrigerator and freezer to prevent wasting these things because of the move. 
Two weeks prior to the move 
Two weeks prior to your long distance move is a good time to fill out your change of address form with the United States Postal Service. You can also do this online at the following link - https://moversguide. HYPERLINK "https://moversguide.usps.com/"usps HYPERLINK "https://moversguide.usps.com/".com
Servicing your vehicles for the long trip – If you are driving your vehicle for this long distance move, you will want to have a full service completed before the long haul.
New banking – if you are currently banking with a local banking institution, you will want to find a local or national banking institution near your new residence. (transfer banking accounts when you have found a suitable bank for you)
One week prior to the move
Are you a member with the local gym, YMCA, country club, etc.? Now is a good time to start cancelling these memberships.
Lawn care equipment – if you have lawn mowers, weed eaters, leaf blowers, etc. – this is a good time to drain any oil or gas left in these items so that they can be packed for the move. 
Just days before the move 
Finalize your packing! 
Make sure everything is properly labeled.TractorTrailer2