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Moving your car out of state? Here are some helpful tips 

-Rent a truck or van with a built-in hitch that will allow you to hook moving car
the car up and be towed to the other state. You may also have to 
have a special hookup added to the front or back of the car for it 
to be a legal and safe tow. 

-Sign up for AAA or another auto club similar to AAA and call in for 
a road service to have your car towed to another state. Usually, 
there needs to be something wrong with your car for it to be 
towed by an emergency service. Typically the first 10 to 15 miles 
are free when using an auto club; you will be responsible for any 
additional charges thereafter. 

-Another option will be to hire a car shipper, also known as an 
auto shipper. If this is the option you choose, be very careful and 
meticulous in the decision process. You will want to be certain that 
the auto shipper is fully insured and bonded to move your car 
across state lines. This option can be a very costly, so be 
prepared for your quote to be in the upper hundreds and in to the 
thousands of dollars, depending on the miles of the trip. 

-Driving your car is also an option. If your vehicle is in good 
enough shape to make the long trip, driving it is always an option. 
If this is the option that you choose, you will want to plan your trip 
in detail. If you are moving to another state, have the moving 
truck drive behind you during the trip. You may want to plan out 
all stops and hotel reservations ahead of time. Also, you may want 
to contact the state highway commission of all of the states that 
you will pass through, find out about any tolls that you may come 
across during the road trip. This option may not be the least 
expensive however; you will know that your car is arriving to your 
new home safely.