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Do you have a water bed and are concerned about
transporting it during your move? Your waterbed is
a highly important part of your day; it is an investment
to your comfort, well-being and health. Ensuring
it arrives intact to your new home is very important.
The following guidelines are a good outline to packing,
moving and unpacking your waterbed safely and efficiently.

Draining and Disassembly: 

Unplugging the mattress warmer – 

Unplug your mattress warmer; allow it to cool considerably before draining the water. 
Failure to do so may result in scorching or melting of your mattress. 

Three methods to draining – 

The fastest draining method is the Electric Pump Method – these are available to rent at most waterbed stores.
Draining take approximately 30 minutes. 
The second fastest method is the Straight Siphon Method–this method can be used for
most“free flow”water beds.
Draining takes approximately 1 hour. 
The third fastest yet still efficient method is Faucet adapter and drain pump method
this equipment is typically provided with your mattress.Time to drain varies with the type of
mattress and amount of water pressure.
Draining takes approximately 3 hours. 

After draining – 

Remove as much water as possible.After completely draining, have your plug and cap ready.
Immediately secure the drain plug and cap to insure a vacuum tight seal. Put all screws, nuts,
bolts, hardware etc. in a plastic bag and tape it to the back of the bedframe to avoid losing pieces. 

Folding your water bed – 

Fold your bed in to thirds, starting at the head of the mattress moving toward the foot of the mattress. 
Ensure the baffles do not shift out of position, If this happens, reposition them at this time.
Do not wait until the arrival at the new home.Then fold the mattress in half widthwise. 

Finish by packing the water bed in a box while wrapped with blankets. To avoid
and punctures, you may want invest in a plastic tote for your mattress during the
move as opposed to a cardboard box.The above listed are general guidelines for
draining,disassembling, and packing your water bed. If you have questions 
in regards to your specific bed, feel free to contact the local water bed
retailer or your water bed manufacturer.