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About Los Angeles Movers 

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Los Angeles Movers has a goal to make the relocation of customers belongings fast and reliable. We are a fully bonded and insured company. Our company works hard to maintain excellent reputation in the industry. Our professional movers are trained to work efficiently and safe to provide our customers with unparallel level of customer service.

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Los Angeles Movers 

Packing Services & Materials

Unfortunately, many discount the importance of packing services and consider it just a tedious chore. Many even try to do it themselves.

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However the success of any move: residential or commercial, local or long distance depends on two major tasks: Getting an accurate estimate from reputable company and selecting most experienced and qualified packers to protect your valuables.

Packing and Crating Services are the most essential services of the entire moving process!

Unprofessionally packed boxes, or selecting wrong boxes for packing specific items leads to inevitable damages. Those damages could not be prevented no matter how careful the movers will be at loading them in the truck.

Crating needs to be performed on those large/over-sized fragile items that don't fit in a regular moving box.

Such items may be (but not limited to):

  • Big screen TVs (especially newer models, or heavy plasma TVs) - carton crates,
  • Large electronics, carton crates,
  • Musical instruments - carton/wooden crates,
  • Large servers and commercial size printers - wooden crates,
  • Pool tables (tournament size) - wooden crates,
  • Large art: large paintings, statures, etc. - wooden or carton crates,
  • Antique pieces, depending on size - carton/wooden crates,
  • Large Vases,carton/wooden crates,
  • Chandeliers, and a lot more items that requires special handling.

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Our specialist will explain our clients their options and work with them to help make the right decision once they are fully informed.

Over the past three decades Los Angeles Movers has helped our neighbors with relocation of their residences with large collections of art, expensive electronics, and over-sized unique furniture; relocations of local galleries, museums and and many other special items.

In every case, a successful move starts with a personal meeting with our specialist, who will assess situation, take an accurate inventory of the entire project. Provides client with a cost analysis. Will explain all option and will work out a plan that suits the customers schedule and only then - have dispatch send an experienced team of packers. Our packers will have necessary equipment and materials to ensure secure packing and protection of valuables and the rest of the household.

Los Angeles Movers will make sure that your entire shipment is securely crated, well packed, and safely transported to the place of destination. Once all your precious items are well-sorted in the boxes and carefully packed – there is no need to worry anymore! It will be safely delivered to the destination. Our movers perform the highest quality services! Our company has been in business for over three decades. We hire and train our employees and expect only the best quality work.

Los Angeles Movers's main goal:

  • inform our clients of their options,
  • provide them with most accurate estimate,
  • help them choose the most suitable services to their needs based on customers budget.
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    Our prices are very affordable, and we also offer specials. We provide the best quality packing/crating service! We have trained many movers that are now considered the best at the trade. And they are well compensated for their loyalty and quality of service.




    We are a one stop for all your moving supplies.



    Let us show you what real professional relocation should be like... all you need to do is call us today and set up a face to face meeting with one of our specialists!





    Type of Residence






    2 – 4

    $40 - $80

    1 Bedroom Apartment


    3 -  5

    $50 - $100

    2 Bedroom Apt. \ House


    4  - 7

    $80 - $140

    3 Bedroom Apt. \ House


    5 -  8

    $120 - $200

    4 Bedroom House


    6 -  9

    $180 - $300

    5 Bedroom House


    7 - 10

    $250 - $400


    5 +

    9 +

    $300 +