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Transit Time

LD truck

Long Distance Carriers operate under no mandatory shipment transit times, neither by the statutes nor their tariff. The mover should strive to provide reasonable service expectations and to keep you informed of your shipments delivery time lines.

Your mover is not allowed to make unreasonable promises that can not be kept regarding pickup and delivery dates. The mover must keep you advised during transit and provide you with a 24 hours notice of date and approximate time of delivery. Keeping you informed as to delivery times, particularly, revised delivery dates.

"Reasonable Dispatch" is defined by the regulations (49 CFR 375.105) as long distance carrier's transportation requirement. This means that the mover is required to accomplish the pickup and delivery of the shipments on the dates requested, subject to circumstances that could not have been foreseen or conditions that are beyond of mover's control that may have caused a delay. While your mover may make every effort to see that the shipment is serviced on time, delays due to:

  • mechanical break downs,
  • accidents,
  • road constructions,
  • weather do sometimes occur.
  • Also, multiple shipments are frequently transported together in the same trailer; and delays may occur due to another customer changes his or her plans for an earlier shipment that is already scheduled for the same truck.


If a delay does occur, and as a result you have expanses that otherwise would not have had, you can ask your mover to recover a portion or all of these expanses by filing an inconvenience or delay claim with the mover. The mover, however (much the same as airlines operates under delayed flight conditions) is under no contractual obligation to provide compensation for such delay claims. Unless your shipment was transported under "guaranteed pickup and delivery" provisions as oppose to "agreed pickup and delivery" provisions, your mover is not required to make such reimbursement.

"Guaranteed pickup and delivery" provision is more common on shorter distance deliveries, such as shipments with delivery distance of under 600 miles.

Keep in mind when you are researching your movers, not to make a decision strictly based on the movers provisions, make sure to research their overall reputation.